Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sitting "behind the geraniums"

As you know, I love flowers. I also love to go to the country side. A few weeks ago Erna and Ica helped me to get geraniums. It helps to ease my solidary confinement feeling! The countryside came to me. So from now on I am sitting "behind the geraniums"... When in Dutch you say that somebody is sitting behind the geraniums this means this person is old and doesn't have an active live anymore :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Impressions from Gypsy Mission Consultation with Arthur Thangiah

On 12th May a Consultation was organized by Rev. Eszter Dani on Gypsy Mission with Rev. Arthur Thangiah from India.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kool News written by Dr. Dorottya Nagy

Six days may not seem to be too long but in the present situation they were six days reminding us more and more of the six days of creation: six days of recreation. And creation continues, we do live in the rhythm of six plus one; again and again six plus one. It is Saturday night and we are looking back to the last, special six days.

It started with Monday; it started with peace, with the knowledge that it was the right decision to go for the operation. It was this peace in which she slept during the operation on Tuesday. We all know something from her character, how enthusiastic she is. Right after the operation she was already planning things for the next academic year. Her heart is there, at the university; and it can be there because she feels the warm nest of you, dear people, who care and pray for her. This is so clearly visible to her.

Wednesday: the day when she has started her corridor walks. These were quite special. Once per hour she went for a walk. You might already think: these were walks not all of might be able to make. There were other people walking on the corridor as well. As she walked she spoke to, smiled at and looked at people. These walks became moments of encounters not only between Anne-Marie and others but between those who, in this way, got connected by Anne-Marie.

Thursday: more and more people popped in. There were also moments of solitude. There were precious moments of being alone and precious moments to connect with people worldwide. The ministry towards her room-mate was there as well.

Friday: the process of healing goes on. Physicians, nurses and other experts are content with the developments. Anne-Marie is told that Saturday she may leave the hospital.

Saturday morning she is back in her lovely home. A beautiful bouquet of flowers welcomes her: love from Ma, Pa and sisters. ...and in this way we have reached the ‘open-house’ phase. There are people coming and going, bringing on the right time the right things... it is good to be at home.

We are grateful that Anne-Marie is at home. The path of healing may seem long but surely we count the steps and not the jumps.

Here bellow you may find some tips which you might secretly integrate in your moments of contacts with her:

Please, remind her that

· everything she does, she should do slowly

· she is not allowed to lift up things (she is coping with this quite all right, but just in case J)

· she should not forget to eat her pre-prepared portions of food.

On her turn, she will call our attention to thousand other things such as:

· God moves in a miraculous way

· God provides

And other personal things we all need to be reminded of.

My six-day time of being an eye-witness of how Anne-Marie is getting better ends tonight but I am sure that from tomorrow on there will be another person in charge who will inform you about her situation. We may not know who and how: it will be provided!

I wish you all a beautiful Sunday and a blessed new six-day in the creation process. Thank you for being there for Anne-Marie in thoughts and prayers and in so many different (creative) ways.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Update on health situation Anne-Marie

Last week it turned out that the current treatment of the herniated disk has not led to the desired result. Consultation with a neuro surgeon made clear that the so called „conservative method” of treatment by physiotherapy and medication has not led to her healing. Therefore it is decided that an operation is necessary. According to the latest news she will be taken to a specialized hospital in Budapest on Monday. The operation will take place on Tuesday morning. It is expected that she has to stay in hospital for a week. We agreed that from Monday on I will serve as a contact person. Anne-Marie is aware that many of you are praying for her regularly, which is a great comfort for her. On behalf of Anne-Marie Kool

Mineke Hardeman (